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We can order and supply any bike on the open market. We have a supply chain with all the latest makers and bicycle suppliers. The difference between Alltrax and other mass-market suppliers is that John Benney will ensure that the bike you buy is the right bike for you. So, If you are looking to purchase a new cycle but are wondering what bicycle is suitable for you and your needs then Alltrax Cycles should be your first local point of contact.

Whilst we are a specialist agents for Felt Cycle Sales in Devon. We are an independent dealer, and will give unbiased advice about all available cycle products.

Bicycle Types

Alltrax specilaises in all and any type of new bike build. From composite framed track bikes to aluminum framed mountain bikes. Speciality bikes can be sourced for whatever the purpose, just ask.

Alltrax Setup Service

New Bike Setup ServiceAll new cycles are mechanically checked and adjusted by Alltrax. We will also make adjustments for individual fit. Whilst bicycles are manufactured in a range of sizes, there is a large degree of standardisation.

Alltrax will ensure that the bicycles is adjusted to the rider and will, where necessary substitute components to achieve this.

John's expertise is available to advise on choice of cycle, fit, riding position, budget and he will listen to your personal choices and preferences.

And don't forget your 3-month Service

Oh Yes, to make sure the bike is still performing after 3-months we will give your bike a full check-over. Tensioning cables, tightening bolts and adjusting brakes and tyre pressures, whatever it needs to make it perform as it should.



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