Bicycle Workshop and Repairs


Alltrax has a fully equipped workshop and all work is personally conducted by John Benney. Alltrax can repair and build most makes of wheel.

Note that John is usually prepared to work on cycles and parts not supplied by Alltrax. If you have purchased, or are considering purchasing off the internet, you have the option of talking to John, who will endeavour to work with you and give you an honest appraisal of your options. John;s wealth of knowledge is available to avoid purchasing incompatible components, and he has the specialist tools required for assembly.

General Cycle Repairs

So your bike is bust! Repair it, but repair it with what? Do you have the right tools, the right parts or the right knowledge? This is where you need the expertise of John Benney (JB) at Alltrax Cycles. Not only do you get the right parts but you get the right man to advise you about why it broke in the first place. John will usually provide initial free advice on these matters.

Specialised Cycle Repairs

So your bike is working but just doesn't feel right, some minor adjustment maybe, but adjust what? The saddle height, the stem length, the chain set, cable tension? Although you may be good at bikes, sometimes you just need a professional to get straight to the route of the problem. This is where JB's experience is unbeatable. Bring your bike over, talk to John and get that bike singing.









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